Stateside’s Stand Clear of the Closing Doors


New York Stateside debuted their first full-length, Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, on February 7. It’s a great album, blending hardcore with pop-punk.

The album starts with the words that are extremely familiar to New Yorkers- “stand clear of the closing doors please.” This kicks off the first song on the album, “Make Your Move,” a song about following your dreams in the city and trying to make a name for yourself. It’s a catchy song, especially with the gang vocals throughout the song. The third song, “Out of Mind,” begins a little heavier than the first two songs, setting the pace for the rest of the album. “Bridges Worth Burning” has a nice balance of screaming and just plain vocals, making it a very enjoyable track. This is what I love most about Stateside- their ability to bounce back and forth between hardcore and pop- punk. “Interlude” is the eighth track on the album, a nice musical piece placed towards the end. The album ends with “Grinning is Hard to Do,” a great acoustic track to end the album with. But wait, there’s also a bonus- a cover of Taylor Swift’s song “Love Story” with a breakdown thrown in the middle!

Stateside has proved themselves with this album. After being together as band for a little over a year, it’s impressive to hear this. Be sure to check out Stateside here:

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